The Book of Black: Faye Dowling

September is always my favourite month. It's when we finish our main collection each year, it's when we pack up and head off to the London Tattoo Convention, and it's usually the time when we see each year's work start to really pay off.

This September there has been an extra treat for us to get excited about. In late 2015 I was asked by The Book of Skulls author, Faye Dowling, to be involved with her new book, The Book of Black. At first I was asked to submit work for the inner pages, but later in the process, I was given the opportunity to submit a design for the front cover.

After many months of hard work by Faye and the publishing team, The Book of Black has now hit the shelves and we have a limited number of copies for sale in the La Mort store. First, take a look at what's inside!   

The book is split in to three parts: Gods & Monsters, The Kingdom of Darkness, and Dark Arts/Higher Powers. Each part showcases a different area of occult graphic art, a works include painting, drawing, photography and sculpture. Each page is beautifully laid out, with crisp graphics on lovely uncoated paper. As well as being full of interesting examples of previously unpublished work, it's a lovely book to hold in your hands. Below are some examples of what you can expect.  

Much like her previous work, Faye has created a book that is a must-have for anyone interested in the occult graphic arts, and I'd like to thank her for inviting me to be involved.

I won't give any more away about what's inside, as I hope you'll all have the opportunity to pick yourselves up a copy. I have signed a limited number of books and listed them in out store, so click below to get yours. 

Click here to buy The Book of Black! 


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