Clod the Ripper’s Thirteenth Year

We have now started work on our custom shirt for the renowned tattoo artist Clod the Ripper. We have been working with Clod since 2012 and we have some great shots of him promoting our clothing.

2013 is his thirteenth year of tattooing and to mark the occasion we are producing a ’13 Years Behind the Needle’ custom Ripper shirt. The idea came from our shared love of the macabre and the parallels between his art form and the murders of the original Ripper in 1888, which both focus around the indelible marking of the flesh. There are references to both tattooing and Victorian England, which truly make this a La Mort/Clod piece. We will post the final inked artwork when it is complete, but for now here is a little preview of the work in progress.  




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