Hey everyone. 

As a lot of you will be aware of by now, since late November, there has been significant disruption to international shipping leaving the UK. I wrote a post at the end of last year explaining the cause of the delays and what we were doing to keep everyone informed. 

Please read the original post HERE  

Since then, the majority of delayed orders have been delivered. However, the disruption has continued due to several events. Below is a brief timeline of what we know has happened so far. 

23 November

Royal Mail strike action began to disrupt the postal system across the UK. We were advised by their business team when to despatch orders and they assured us that there were contingency plans in place to handle the increased mail being sent out ahead of Christmas. 

26 November 

ORDERS #26969 – #27577
A large batch of orders were collected from us by Royal Mail. Although all orders were picked up, Royal Mail's tracking system continued to say that they were still with us. Their tracking system started to fail around this time, with no updates being posted.

As of January 21, all of these have now been delivered, with the exception of two orders. 

29 November

ORDERS #27578 – #27904
Another large batch of orders was picked up from us. Again, this batch was severely impacted in the same way.  

As of January 21, most of these have now been delivered, with the exception of a handful of orders.  

1 December 

ORDERS #27905 – #28217
One more large batch of orders was sent out and at this point we were still unaware of the scale of the disruption at Royal Mail. 

As of January 21, most of these have now been delivered. There are still around 80 orders that have not been, although a third of those are now in the destination company ready for delivery.

4 December until 8 January

We closed our website and continued to monitor what was happening with outstanding orders. During this time orders from November began to move and we continued to send very small batches. These smaller batches suffered no delays. Customers were still able to order throughout this time, if they were OK with getting their order shipped during first week of January. 

9 January

Royal Mail seemed to be clearing their backlog and orders from November and early December were moving. 

We posted a large batch that included all outstanding orders from December 4 onwards. Things seemed like they were returning to normal. 

11 January | CYBER ATTACK

Just as everything was returning to normal. Royal Mail completely froze all international shipping and we received a bulletin that there had been a major cyber incident and that we were not to ship anything outside the UK. 

12 January – 20 January

All international mail remained where it was and we were unable to ship anything. We posted a warning on our website that if you are from outside the UK you should not place an order at this time. The backlog from December was frozen and items that seemed to be on the move came to a stop.

Royal Mail were very guarded about the situation and gave us few updates, other than repeated warnings the all international mail was suspended. 

20 January – 21 January

Orders from the 1 December and 9 January batches have begun to move and we have been told that we should be able to post International mail very soon, after they have cleared the backlog. 


As I mentioned in my last post, it's been incredible how understanding and supportive you've all been throughout this and we're trying our best to repay that by being open and communicative about the situation. We don't want to leave anyone feeling like we let them down. 

We've segmented all of your email addresses by when your items were sent and what the current status of your order is, so that the guidance we send you is relevant to you. 

We have completely paused all advertising for now, so that we can prioritise looking after all of you, and resolving things in a way in which you are all satisfied.

We are checking all tracking updates daily on outstanding orders and the email you should have received details when and how to get a refund on your order. Every customer of La Mort will either end up with their clothing, or their money back.   

I will update this post with further information over the coming weeks. Thanks again for bearing with us.

David and the La Mort team.     


25 January

A lot of orders seems to have moved over the past two days. The 1 December batch is mostly delivered, or in the destination country, which is very good news. There are still a few orders that are struck in the UK, but I'd expect these to move within the next few days.

The 9 January batch is looking better too. There are still a lot of orders stuck in the UK, but a good number of orders have left the country of been delivered.

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